Pageant & Fireworks: May 28th ~ 30th, 2016


Over 400 cast members will Re-Create events that took place between the French, British and Indian tribes, on June 2, 1763.  This historically rich event will take place for the 54th consecutive year.  The Colonial Michilimackinac Pageant is the longest running, free historical Memorial Day performance in the Nation. Visitors will meet famous Indian Chiefs: Minavavans and Matchekewis of the Ojibwa tribe, and Wawatam who becomes a blood brother to Alexander Henry and later saves his life.

There will also be a Grand Fireworks Display:
Saturday, May 28th 2016 at Dusk
sponsored by the Mackinaw Area Visitors Bureau. 
Come join us for the spectacular display!

Pageant Weekend: Starting Saturday, May 28th through May 30th, 2016

Times: 3:30pm ~ Saturday, May 28th 2016
            2:30pm ~ Sunday, May 29th 2016
            2:30 pm ~ Monday, May 30th 2016
     **Admission to Re-Enactment is: FREE!!

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The Battle


Following what is known here as the French and Indian War with British, the Fort comes under the rule of the English.  They treat the Indians as servants and do not present them with gifts, as was the custom of their former friends, the French.  The great Ottawa Chief Pontiac, calls for a war council and devises a scheme for each tribe in his domain.  The actions are aimed at annihilating the British outposts in the Northwest.  The pageant attempts to re-create this area's historical connection to Pontiac's siege.  This scheme leads to the playing of an apparently innocent game of baggataway at the Fort, where great numbers of Indians have assembled outside the wall of the Fort.

The British soldiers garrisoned at the Fort are politely invited to watch the game.  The Indian's plan is simple yet calculating.  In spite of the warm weather on the fateful morning of June 2, 1763, the Indian women appear wearing blankets over their clothing.  Their heavy blankets conceal weapons of battle to be provided to the braves when the fighting begins.  The Indians plan to gain entrance to the Fort during the game.  The first time the ball goes over the wall, it is retrieved by the British guardsmen.  The second time the ball goes over the wall, a few braves are permitted to enter and retrieve the ball.  The third time the ball goes over, the Indians will enter the Fort, capture the soldiers and take over the Fort.  Will the plot succeed? Come watch and see!