18th Century Trade Fair Conkling Heritage Park


August 4th - August 7th, 2016

18th & 19th Century life in Native American, Military & Civilian Encampment.  The Fort Michilimackinac's intent is to present Native Americans, Americans, French & English as they mixed together in the 1700's & early 1800's in the Mackinaw Region.

The 18th Century Trade Fair will feature merchants & blanket traders with 18th & 19th Century crafts, clothing and accessories.

There will also be Musket Firing, Cooking and other demonstrations.  Hawk and knife, archery and other competitions.  See below for a schedule of events. 

Schedule of Events



 Schedule of the 2016 Rendezvous in Mackinaw and 18th Century Trade Fair
Conkling Heritage Park
August 4th ~ 7th, 2016



Wednesday - August 3rd, 2016
                                  Camp Setup

Thursday - August 4th, 2016
            10:00 am        Merchant Area Opens to Public / Activities throughout camp
              9:00 pm        Encampment & Merchant Area Closes to the Public

Friday - August 5th, 2016
              9:45 am        Opening Colors
            10:00 am        Encamp and Merchant Area Open to Public
            11:00 am        Musket & Cannon Firing Demonstration
            11:30 am        Native Flute Music by "Silver Fox"
              1:30 pm        Games & Competitions in Conkling Heritage Park {located on Huron Avenue}
              3:00 pm        Native Drumming by "The Grandmother Moon Drummers"
              5:00 pm        Memorial for Chuck Kibby
              6:00 pm        Music by "Cedar & Sage"
              6:30 pm        Camp Dinner {Encampment & Merchants Only - catered by Snider Const.}
              7:30 pm        Talking with Ben Franklin
              8:00 pm        Bayview Festival / American Folk Music
              9:00 pm        Paddle Dance in Camp ~ PUBLIC WELCOME
            10:00 pm        Encampment & Merchant Area Closed
Saturday - August 6th, 2016
              9:45 am        Opening Colors with" Fife and Drums Corp"
            10:00 am        Encampment and Merchant Area Open to the Public
            10:00 am        Hawk & Knife Throw Demonstration 
            10:30 am        Talk with Ben Franklin
            11:00 am        Tittabawassee Fife and Drum Corp
            12:30 pm        "Gathering the Troops" will perform at Marina Yard
              1:00 pm        Battling & Looting of Merchant Stores; Central Avenue and the Mackinaw Crossings 
                                   Ending with a Skirmish in the Mackinaw Crossings Performance Court with Native American

              3:00 pm        Public Auction 18th & 19th Century items. {located in Mackinaw Crossings Performance Court}
              6:00 pm        Music by "Cedar & Sage"

              6:30 pm        Potluck Dinner {Encampment & Merchants Only}
              7:30 pm        Musket & Cannon Firing Demonstration
              8:00 pm        Performance by "Cool to Duel Pianos"
              9:00 pm        Blanket Raffle Drawing
              9:00 pm        Paddle Dance in Camp ~ PUBLIC WELCOME
            10:00 pm        Encampment & Merchants Area Closed
Sunday - August 7th, 2016
              9:45 am       Opening Colors
            10:00 am       Encampment & Merchant Area Open to the Public
            10:00 am       Musket & Cannon Firing Demonstration
            10:30 am       Church Service performed by Reverend Bill Bower
            11:00 am       Looted items from Merchants will be presented to Re-enactors
            12:00 pm       Talking with Ben Franklin
            12:30 pm       Performance by "Midland Highlanders

             1:30 pm        Native American Storytelling
             3:45 pm        Closing Colors
             4:00 pm        Encampment Area Closed

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Sponsored by the Fort Michilimackinac Pagent, Inc. and in Cooperation with the Village of Mackinaw City and the Mackinaw Crossings Shopping Center.  Proceeds going towards 2016 & 2017 events in Mackinaw 

To all those who made donation to make this event possible: