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A Mackinaw City Branding Initiative has established a Destination Brand for Mackinaw City. A trademark application has been applied for and confirmation has been received from the Federal Government. The following information is provided to any Mackinaw City partner* to uphold the integrity of this trademark. Authorized users will benefit most when this trademark is applied consistently and correctly. We encourage all those entitled to use the Destination Brand to notify us if violation or misuse of the trademark is suspected.

A Mackinaw City *partner will be considered as any business operating within the Mackinaw City area that promotes, produces and or prints material recognizing Mackinaw City as a destination for recreation, travel, manufacturing, and living.

The Destination Brand will be used exclusively by the Mackinaw Area Visitors Bureau as the corporate logo and identification. All other organizations, businesses and corporations may use the destination brand in regards to the “partner” considerations. Any use of the Destination Brand on partner websites must link directly to

To apply for use of the Destination Brand please download the following PDF link, read, sign and fax the Destination Brand Agreement to the Mackinaw Area Visitors Bureau. Upon approval, you will be issued a Destination Brand CD with 3 variations of the designated logo.

Destination Brand Agreement

Destination Brand Agreement

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