Mackinaw City Pure Michigan


October 1, 2016 – Trek the Mighty Mac!


Trek The Mac Ride will give the opportunity for MX, ATV & SXS riders to cross the BIGGEST LAND MARK in MICHIGAN for the first time in history, come be a part of this HISTORIC EVENT!  



Rules for Trek the Mighty Mac

1. Event is open to; ATV's, Off-road motorcycles and Side by Sides
2.  All State of Michigan statues must be adhered to.
          a. Must have a drivers license
          b. Must wear a helmet.
         c.  Must have eye protection.
         d.  No aftermarket seats for passengers, passenger seating is limited to
              as equipped by Original Equipment Manufacturer.
         e.  Exhaust shall not emit more than 94 db's.
          f.  Stunt riding is not permissible, no wheelie's, no stoppie's, side
              saddles, handlebar or seat stunts allowed.  All wheels must remain in 
              contact with the road surface at all times. All operators and 
              passengers must remain in the seat as per manufacturers rider position.
         g.  There shall be no impeding of the flow of traffic at any time.
         h.  In the interest of safety, flags installed on machines or held by
              passengers are limited to 12" in height.  Politically correct 
              statements or club identity/logo's are permitted on placards,
              securely fastened on front or rear of machine.

For Registration and complete details on Rules and Event information visit: Trek The Mighty